RIBA Feasibility and Options Report

This Report will help during the Business Case stage of a building project, whether an empty site or an existing building.

  1. Obtaining on your behalf the appropriate digital OS mapping from which we can model the site in 3D.
  2. Carry out or obtain on your behalf full topographical and measured building surveys to provide the detailed information about the site and/or buildings to proceed further.
  3. Access on your behalf the currently available detailed information on services and utilities.
  4. Make an assessment of the history of the site, and any buildings, in terms of risks and opportunities. A detailed condition survey, quinquennial report and conservation management plan can also be carried out if necessary.
  5. Assist in assessing the ‘market’ and development opportunities.
  6. Assist you in preparing any necessary business case documentation required.
  7. Assist you in preparing the formal strategic brief required for later stages.
  8. Schematic feasibility studies to explore the capacity of the site/building(s) to meet your requirements.
  9. Making the preliminary enquiries of the local planning authority regarding your proposals and their ‘view’ and ‘opinion’ regarding them.

A similar, but ‘leaner’ report is available for new or existing bespoke homes for £525 (no VAT, but excluding expenses) and £600 (no VAT, but excluding expenses) for listed properties to cover the additional work required.